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Rising operating costs are a primary concern for every aircraft owner. Unexpected maintenance and unscheduled downtime are just two of many issues that contribute to rising costs. But their impact can be significant.

The ongoing recorded history of your engine's performance provided by trend monitoring provides a powerful tool to help reduce these rising costs.

  • Cost Reduction - Engine trend monitoring and analysis impacts direct operating cost. Early detection of minor problems that otherwise may have gone undetected can be addressed before they escalate into a major problem that creates a costly unscheduled maintenance event.
  • Enhanced Safety - Trend monitoring is a proactive and continuous process of identifying potential problems before they evolve into a safety of flight issue.
  • Maintenance Planning - Unscheduled downtime is more than an inconvenience-it's often accompanied by unforeseen expense. Trend monitoring results can be used to maximize the effectiveness of your shop visits.
  • Value Retention - Engine trend monitoring data and records are proven to be an asset when selling an aircraft. Trend monitoring data provides a tangible representation of your engine's condition.
  • Extension Requirement - Trend monitoring typically is an integral component in obtaining hot section and TBO extensions (on-condition). Applicability will vary based on engine type.

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