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The Suspect: PC-12, PT6A-67B, Manually Collected Data

Our Analysis:Historically, this aircraft has relatively straight and stable graphs with occasional spikes due to lower than normal torque settings.

Discrepancy:The Trend Group began to notice an increase in the ITT of about 10 C on the trend monitoring graphs. The manually collected data did not reveal any noticeable difference in the ITT readings at the given altitudes and power settings.

Alert:The Trend Group notified the operator of the observed discrepancy and recommended an ITT System inspection and verification.

Results:The operator complied with The Trend Group's request and found the ITT Trim Thermocouple to be out of tolerance. The operator adjusted the thermocouple back to within acceptable limits. The trend graphs showed an immediate improvement and the ITT returned to its baseline.

Torque Indication Error

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