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To download and install the Piper ECTM(R) program, click on the link labeled "Download Piper ECTM Software" below, and click the Open button. Click on the Next button on the first screen to begin the installation. Click on the Install button to install the software to the correct location and create the links to the program. Close any windows that may remain open other than the Setup of Piper ECTM(R) screen. Clear the checkbox Run Piper ECTM(R) now so that the program will not start immediately, and click on Close to complete the process. There should now be a shortcut on the desktop that you may click on to run the program when you are connected to the aircraft.

For assistance contact us at 800-297-6490 or by e-mail at

ECTM(R) is a registered trademark of Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

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