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Data Collection -Data can be recorded manually, following the recommended procedures (PDF), or automatically if the aircraft is equipped with an onboard automatic data collector. We supply our clients with a personalized Trend Data Log Book they can use for data collection if they do not have an approved flight log.

Data Submission - Manually collected data can be submitted to The Trend Group by e-mail, fax, or the interactive webpage we've developed for online data entry.

Automatically collected data is generally downloaded and emailed to The Trend Group for processing. Contact our office if you have any questions about your data format.

Data Confirmation - Every time data is submitted, a confirmation of receipt is sent via email.

Response Time - Received data is processed and analyzed by our team within 8 business hours.

Alert Notification - In the event of a noteworthy change in performance, our analysts will issue a prioritized Trend Request (PDF) describing the observed changes and a recommended maintenance action to correct the problem.

Monthly Report - A Monthly Status Report (PDF) will be issued for each aircraft enrolled on our service. This report summarizes the aircraft's activity on our program in the last 30 days.

Web Services - Our clients have access to all their data and trend monitoring reports through our secure website. The Trend Group's interactive website provides our clients with the tools and functionality necessary to effectively manage trend monitoring for their aircraft.

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