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The Suspect: Cessna 208, PT6A-114A, Manually Collected Data

Our Analysis: The trend graphs for this aircraft have been relatively stable but typically show some amount of scatter due to various flight crews.

Discrepancy: The Trend Group noticed an unexplained gradual increase in the ITT of 15-20 C and the Ng gradually increased about 0.5-1.0% on the trend monitoring graphs.

Alert: The Trend Group notified the operator of the observed discrepancy and recommended an inspection and calibration of the Torque indication system.

Results: The operator complied with The Trend Group's request and found the torque system to be out of calibration. The operator replaced the torque gauge with a serviceable unit. On the trend monitoring graph, the fuel flow, ITT, and Ng all showed a significant improvement after the new torque gauge was installed.

ITT Indication Error

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